March 7 2017

Pause. Breathe. Love

It’s more important than ever to communicate effectively. We are quick to blame and call names. It’s tiring. I include myself in this struggle, but I’m working on it.

I am passionate about my ideas. I work hard to listen and I never name call. When I mess up, I apologize and take responsibility. I reflect on my choices and always think before responding. 

Everyone has a story. I try to live by this idea and remind myself of this when I interact with others. I work on showing grace to others, but there are moments when it all becomes too much. ENOUGH! This is where I am right now…ENOUGH…I’m disheartened by the cruelty and anger and selfishness I witness. I’m failing at showing grace and I want to understand why. Why choose snark over silence? Why choose accusations over sincere questions? Why choose anger over kindness? I don’t understand.

Kid President says that we need to pause, breathe, and love. I’m working on it. I hope the love spreads. I hope kindness is contagious. I hope we can remember that everyone has a story and I believe everyone is doing the best they can. Here’s Kid President’s advice on how to disagree…

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