February 27 2015

Five Minute Friday: INDEPENDENT

I can take care of myself.
My dad always wanted me
and my sister to be

I can change a tire.
Cook dinner.
I can go to the movies
and have 

I have bought a house
and a car by myself.
I moved to another state,
on my own.
I’ve even gone on vacation
without anyone else.

to me means that 
when problems arise
I can solve them
on my own.

can sometimes be lonely.
It doesn’t mean that I 
MUST do everything

help me all the time…

even though

February 13 2015

Five Minute Friday: LOVE

LOVE. The word LOVE makes me smile! Today I’m thinking of my nephew. It’s his first Valentine’s Day in school. He was so excited to brings cards and treats to school to share with his friends. That made me think of my friends. Do I tell my friends that I LOVE them? Do I show them? Being a good friend is something that’s important to me! Tomorrow on Valentine’s Day, I’ll spend time showing my friends how important they are to me. Ways I can show my friends that I love them, tomorrow and any day…

1. Listen to them
2. Tell them my secrets
3. Help them when they need help
4. Compliment them
5. Do something to make them laugh
6. Take pictures of us together
7. Plan something fun that we can do together
8. Surprise them!
9. Smile
10. Ask them for help when I need help

February 6 2015

Five Minute Friday: ATTENTION

ATTENTION. That’s a commanding word. I use it everyday. I ask my student, “May I please have your attention?” or when I’m frustrated because I’ve asked that question 42 times it changes to, “Are you paying attention?” 

That’s a funny phrase, when you think about it. Paying attention…instead of giving attention. I like to think the phrase “pay attention” came about because ATTENTION is valuable. We live in a fast-paced, hyper speed world…sometimes it’s hard to pay ATTENTION, even for teachers. I have to work on focusing when I’m doing a task that requires my whole ATTENTION. Writing is one of those tasks. I can’t listen to music or watch TV or surf the web when I’m writing. I need to focus my ATTENTION on the topic…otherwise I get frustrated and can’t write anything. Sometimes my ATTENTION is split. I multi-task (that means do more than one thing at a time) a lot! Have you ever done something and later wondered how it got done? I do that a lot! That’s when I know I need to slow down and pay ATTENTION to my life…before I miss everything. 

February 3 2015

Five Minute Friday (on Tuesday: LOCKERS

The sea of sixth grade lockers is quiet now.  Once the bell rings for dismissal, it’s like a tsunami of sixth graders during a storm. There are choppy waves and undercurrents that pull you one way or another. Adults are the life guards making sure everyone gets out alive. 

Interesting! I thought I had nothing to say about lockers. I guess once I start writing I can find something to say about anything. 

January 23 2015

Five Minute Friday: Cheery

Cheery. That words just sounds happy. I feel like I am usually a cheery person. When I think of cheery people, I think about how they are the people that I like to be around. I think being cheery is a choice. When something happens like an unexpected quiz, you have a choice. You can respond by being mad and growly and grumpy or you can have a cheery disposition. That doesn’t mean I yell, “Yippee! A quiz!!!” It means that I take a breath and believe in myself. I do my best. I think being cheery and positive helps me have a better life. 

I see people who are grumpy for no reason at all. I wonder how it feels inside to be grumpy on the outside all the time. That would tire me out. Taking the opportunity to smile or to look for the good in a situation gives me energy and that makes me feel better. 

My Dad taught me to be positive and cheery. He said that good things will happen and bad things will happen to everyone. We can’t control that. We can control how we react to it. Here are my tips to be a cheery and positive person…

1. Take a deep breath before you respond to any situation
2. Find a way to express yourself creatively
3. Always be kind
4. Have confidence and believe in yourself

January 16 2015

Five Minute Friday: DANCE (Part Three)

Dancing is hard for me. I have no coordination and I mean absolutely none! WHenever I take an exercise class at the gym, the instructor always has to come over next to me and help me with my right and my left. The steps move so fast for me and I get easily confused. It’s too hard. You know what, I keep trying!

I love dancing. For me, when I say dance I mean the movement, any movement, to music! Choreographed dancing is too hard for me…although I do enjoy line dancing. That’s not hard at all. My favorite thing about going to wedding receptions is the dancing. There are usually so many people that I can get lost in the crowd and no one cares how silly I look. I guess that’s the trick for dancing.  I have some rules for dancing…

1. Be silly. 
2. Don’t care how you look
3. ENJOY the music
4. Laugh…A LOT!!
5. Make big, giant movements
7. Wave your arms around
8. Have fun!

What’s not to love about dancing?!?! Everyone can dance if they follow my dancing rules!

January 9 2015

Five Minute Friday: BEGIN and End

This is the fourth time I’m writing about BEGIN. I’m tired of beginning….exhausted actually. Beginnings take a lot out of me. All of that excitement and anticipation takes so much energy and I’m old…so old. Today I began writing, well planning, a novel in verse that I’d like to write. I have the setting and characters. I need a problem…a conflict. I struggle with conflict…hahaha, that made me laugh. Whenever I write I notice that I avoid conflict. That makes my writing boring. Hmmmm, what if I BEGIN with a huge conflict? The rest of the novel could address the conflict. What kinds of conflicts do you like in your books? Dangerous conflicts? Emotional conflicts? Complex conflicts? I’d love suggestions! Please share your conflict ideas with me so I may BEGIN my novel in verse…