February 6 2015

Five Minute Friday: JOURNEY

Journey. Taking a trip. Right now, it’s 16 degrees. I’d like to journey to a warmer climate. Right now, it’s taken us 20 minutes to start class because of technological issues. I’d like to journey to a place where all students have all the technology they need and it always works. All. The. Time. Alas, I’m here. No, not “Alas”…I’m HERE! I spend my days with the greatest students in the universe! They make me laugh everyday! They write about dead hamsters. They try and wiggle in extra reading time (that’s usually ok with me)! They work hard! They are kind…so kind. 

I’m here with my sixth graders…watching them JOURNEY through the challenging days of middle school. They do it with humor and grace and struggle and hard work. I watch them make friends and learn about each other. I see them grow as writers and readers. I notice they are growing up. It makes me humbled. I get to be part of their journey…broken computers, dead hamsters and all!