Good Choices!

I am at meetings today. I miss you guys! Today you’ll complete status of the class and read. You’ll read and write beautiful words. Make good choices today! Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes. 

Sick Day

Today my post is about that moment when you feel it…

The scratch in your throat.
It tickles.
It hurts.
I cough.
Where did it come from?

The warm air
creates chaos.
Trees and birds are confused.
Nothing feels right.

December 15th.
It’s SIXTY degrees outside.

Wishing I could be cheery and write about so many other things, but I’m congested. I’m coughing and have no voice. I’m tired and I have no time to be sick…yet, here I am. Sick day. Hope you guys have a good day! Please make GOOD choices! EARN lots of PAT time today!

On My Way…

It’s 4:22 and I’m on my way to Massachusetts. Here’s are a couple of pictures of Bella as I was dropping her off at the kennel.




Remember to make good choices today! I can’t wait to read your posts and comments! Keep writing and reading!!!

Home Sick Today

Good Morning!

I am home sick today. My head ache still hurts so much, so I decided to stay home and rest. You guys will watch a TED talk, take some notes, and write a blog post about it. 

I’ve been read your blog posts and I’m so impressed! You will take some time reading and commenting on other blogs today. Write thoughtful comments that connect to the post! I’ll try and approve posts and comments during the day. 

Finally, silent reading time! YAY!!! You’ll read quietly. After silent reading, if there’s time, make a T chart in your notebook and identify external and internal conflicts in the book you’re reading. We will share and talk about them next week. 

I’d love to hear how your day goes. Feel free to leave a comment here! Have a great weekend!


My Grandfather

Papa and Jack

Papa and Jack

I am so sorry that I won’t be in school with you on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I am in Massachusetts. My grandfather, my Papa, died a couple of days ago. Now I’m with my family saying goodbye to him. I miss you guys a lot! Please make good choices! Behave! Do what you’re supposed to do! You can email me  if you need anything. I’ll be back in school on Thursday. 

Jillian and Papa

Out sick :(

Good morning, 

I’m so sorry to tell you that I’m home sick today.  I wish I could be in school with you today, but it wouldn’t be a good idea, being sick makes me grumpy. Today I will sleep and take my medicine and I should be back tomorrow. Please follow directions and do your very best today! Here’s what you’ll be doing in  Reading Workshop there will be silent reading.  Remember HOW to get into the zone for silent reading. You’ll get some time to listen to the read aloud. Remember to listen for good examples of imagery and think about why the author is using imagery. I want to know what you think of the book, so today you will write a quick reading response tell me what you think about the book so far! In Writing Workshop  you are going to show me what you know about paragraph writing. 

The more you accomplish today and the better behaved you are today, the more PAT time we will have tomorrow. We also have SAMS tomorrow. 

In the comments, please tell me how you are going to make good choices and help the sub have a wonderful day in our classroom. Thanks for your help today! Miss you guys and hope your day is wonderful!

Happy Friday

How is the day going so far? Dr. Schmidt-Moore is so excited to spend time with you guys. She’s an amazing teacher. You’re lucky to have this opportunity to learn from her. Please make good choices and do your best. I’d love to hear the best part of class today. Please comment and let me know.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Do your best today!

Being a teacher is so much more than just the time spent with students. There’s planning and grading and meetings! Working collaboratively with teachers in the school and in other schools, reading, researching and finding the best ways to work in the classroom. I could go on and on. With all of these responsibilities, it’s so easy for me to pick out my favorite part of teaching…the very best part of the day…it’s the time spent with my students!

Leo's getting excited to start writing!

Leo’s guarding my writing notebooks.

Today is the first day when I can’t be there with you (my morning classes). I am spending the morning at Stone Hill Middle School with their sixth grade teachers. Stone Hill is a terrific school with amazing teachers, so I am excited to spend some time there, but I’ll miss you (my students) this morning! What choices will you make in class today while I’m away? Miss Banks is very excited to teach English this morning. Please show her what amazing students you are. I’ll be back in school this afternoon, so I may see you. If not, I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great day!


P.S. I know the picture doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s post, but I couldn’t resist!