Road Trip Slice of Life

What is it about taking a road trip? As a kid, I wasn’t crazy about long car rides. They were boring and I fought with my sister about where we were sitting in the back seat and sometimes I got car sick. As an adult, if I am within driving distance, I prefer driving over flying. Long car rides mean discovering new places. Road trips give me a sense of possibility. I love the potential for getting lost, although I don’t always love getting lost. I love when I find my own way and get to a new place. This weekend I drove from Virginia to Ohio. I’d never been to Ohio before, so this was an adventure. I confess that driving over the mountains was my least favorite part, but I can look back and say I did it.

I rolled down the windows and cranked up the music and drove. I feel like each road trip changes me a tiny bit…makes me a little braver and reminds me to see the world beyond my own. Can’t wait for my next road trip! Where do you like to go?

Slice of Your Life

Classroom Slice of Life

Today we will mine our notebooks for our stories. We are looking for stories of our lives. When someone writes a book with lots of stories of their lives, it’s called a memoir. 

We are going to work on a mini-memoir. It’s called a slice of life. It’s a story you want to share from your life. It’s about a moment. We will start reading slices like writers. We will be looking for what makes a good slice of life as we embark on a journey to create our own individual slices of life.  What kind of stories do you have to tell? 


Oh How I Love the Morning!

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“How you start your day is how you live your day. How you live your day is how you live your life.” ~Louise Hay

Morning is the best way to begin the day.

I’m an early bird. I like early mornings. I wake up early by myself, usually before the alarm goes off. There was a time in my life that I wasn’t like this…high school. In high school, I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. I would ignore my alarm. It was the only time that my parents struggled with getting me up and out to school. One day, my dad said, “Enough!”

I’d slept through my alarm, again, and he knocked on my door and did that “dad thing” and he yelled, “Michelle! Time to get uuuppp!”

I did the kid thing and mumbled, “…in a minute,” and I rolled back over and returned to my peaceful slumber.

This happened one more time. The next time he added, “If you aren’t up the next time I come into your room, I’m going to dump a bucket of ice cold water on you.” I heard my little sister giggling, so I pulled the covers over my head and mumbled something again.

Two minutes later, my bedroom door opened with a flourish. I was sleeping so I don’t remember much of this…all I remember is ice cubes bouncing off my forehead, followed by the whooshing of water all over me and my sister and mother laughing and laughing and laughing.

My dad stood there calmly as I leapt out of bed screaming, “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?! I’M SOAKED! MY BED IS SO WET!!!”

He looked at me with a smirk and calmly repeated the same words, “Michelle, it’s time to get up.” I never overslept again!


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I am always thirsty. From the moment I wake up in the morning until I go to bed, I have something to drink sitting near me. At night, I must have a glass of water for when I wake up thirsty. I’ve always been like this…my whole life! 

When we went to my grandparents’ house for dinner, I noticed that Papa didn’t have anything to drink with dinner. That confused me. It still confuses me. How can someone eat something without a drink to wash it down? As I sit here writing this blog post, I have a giant glass of ice water next to me. It’s cool and refreshing.

Here are some of my favorite drinks…
1. Water. I love drinking water. Thank goodness it’s good for me! Water must be ice cold! I know the best water fountains in the school with the coldest water. I even bring ice with me to school, so I can keep my water cold all day long.

2. Iced tea. I have been enjoying iced tea since I was a kid. It was always a treat that Grammy had for me. When I was a kid and my other grandmother would come to visit me, she made this new drink that was so delicious! She mixed iced tea with lemonade. Mmmmmm!

3. Vitamin Water. Sometimes it’s nice to have variety. My favorite flavors are orange or lemonade. Sometimes I like to mix it up with açai-blueberry-pomegranate.

Now for the drinks that aren’t good for me, but I still enjoy!

4. Diet Coke. I’m trying to cut back on my soda. This is the only soda I enjoy. The fizz is the best part! There has to be just the right amount of fizz! 

5. Coffee. I love my morning cup of coffee. I make it at home. I use some peppermint flavoring in it, along with peppermint creamer. Mmmmm! It’s hot and yummy…the perfect way to begin the day!

6. Peppermint tea. When I’m sick, I love a cup of hot peppermint tea. This is not bad for me, but I don’t drink it that often. It feels comforting to hold that mug of yumminess!

What is your favorite thing to drink?

Remembering My Dad

slice-of-life_classroom-image-black-2hr4qxx-300x200I like that this challenge starts on March 1st. That’s a special day for me. It’s the day I lost my dad. It’s been nine years. I miss him so much! There is a moment in every day that I remember him and think about him. Nine years ago the day was about sadness and loss. I ached because I would never get to talk to my dad again! Nine years later this day is about celebrating our memories and remembering him. My dad’s name was Charles Towne Haseltine, but everyone called him Chris…except me, I called him Dad!

Dad grew up in Springfield, Vermont with an older brother and three younger sisters. He worked in insurance, but he always wanted to be a teacher. I think he liked that I was a teacher. One of my favorite times spent with my dad was when we talked. Dad had a story for everything. Dad and I shared a love for cucumbers, movies, music, and Dairy Queen ice cream. We loved to have fun and laugh. We could spend hours together just talking about nothing.

sitting on Dad's lap

Dad moved to New Mexico and I missed him so much. He found a client for his business in Herndon, VA so he could come and visit me more often. We always had lots of fun on his visits. I miss my dad! I miss our talks and the lessons he taught me. He’s always with me because I carry these memories in my heart!

Dancing Dad & me

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Slice of Life #1: Me, The Coffee Thief


Each night, my mom prepares her Keurig by putting a cup of water and a K-Cup in it. This saves her in the morning from rushing to make her coffee, even though it’s made with a touch of a button. You see, my mom and I always get ready at the last possible minute. We would rather sleep in and rush around in the morning than get up early and take our time to do our morning tasks. Therefore, of course, I slept in until 7:20 when I had to be ready by 8:00 for my fellow Teacher Cadet, Ashley, to pick me up so we could get to field experience on time. I rushed to get my hair and makeup done, and by the time I finished it was 7:58. Shoot. I ran upstairs with my backpack and grabbed a tumbler for my coffee to go (because Lord knows I need it). I filled it up with water, poured it into the Keurig, and then realized my mom already filled it with water last night. Great; just what I needed. I had completely forgotten that my mom did that every night, and now the Keurig was overflowing with water. My mom had also put in a fresh K-Cup in it. I also noticed that it was her last one. At this point, I didn’t even care. I was in a rush, and I desperately needed coffee like one needs air to breathe. It was 8:02 at this point, and Ashley had texted me to let me know she was running late. At least time was in my favor to get my coffee ready. I pressed the button to brew the coffee, and watched as a small stream of dark, bitter liquid spewed into my tumbler. As it was brewing, I felt a little guilty, as I knew my mom would now be without coffee that morning. Ashley texted me saying, “Here,” and I scrambled with my bookbag out the door. As I was driving to my field experience school with Ashley, “Sorry” by Justin Bieber started playing, and I am convinced it was a sign that I shouldn’t have taken my mom’s last K-Cup. Guiltily, I texted my mom and let her know the crime I committed before she would find out for herself. Now, because my mom would be without coffee, she’d be cranky, but what really would grind her gears was that I was the culprit behind her crankiness.

Who’s Watching Me?

Classroom Slice of Life

I love a good night of sleep, snuggled in my blankets with only one pillow when I’m sleeping. Warm, cozy, dreaming of more snow days. Ahh! Last night, I was snoozing away, I turned over and opened my eyes and, “WHAT?!?!” Bella was standing on my bed staring at me. She licked my nose once. I glanced at the clock and it was one AM. I rolled over and returned to sleep.  She snuggled in by my feet and fell asleep too. An hour later, it happened again! This time, there was whining and pacing. 

Bella being awake in the middle of the night is unusual. She likes her sleep too. This can only mean one thing. I get up, throw on a coat over my jammies and put on her leash. As we walked downstairs, she ran to her water bowl and lapped up gallons of water. She sounded like she hadn’t had anything to drink in months! She’d finished her water last night and she was thirsty, parched actually. A drink of water and a bathroom break at 2AM. She really is just like a little kid. Oh, Bella! 

If I’m cranky today, you know whose fault it is…Bella!


Living a writerly life means noticing the small things, the things others would miss, and writing about them. I am a creature of habit. Every morning I wake up and eat a bowl of cheerios with milk. Satisfying. Eating my breakfast out of my favorite bowl makes it sweeter.


What is it about a specific bowl? The yellow color makes me smile. The bowl is a perfect shape. It holds just the right amount of cereal. It’s sturdy and it does it’s job well. It fits. Just the right size…not too big, not too small, like Goldilocks. My perfect bowl.

This reminded me of a book I read twenty years ago…Everyday Sacred. My memory of this book reminds me to find the miraculous in the ordinary. I remember that the bowl represents us, me. I am the bowl. It’s about stopping. Noticing. It’s about gratitude. Nourishment. (This is a twenty year old memory of this book, so I may be completely wrong with the details, but these are the memories I carry with me. I’ll be rereading this book soon.)

A bowl. My bowl. When I see that it’s clean and waiting for my breakfast, I feel special. I smile. A perfect start to the day, like getting green lights on the drive into work.

Life is about the small moments. Noticing them. Appreciating them. Allowing those moments to nourish us and become part of who we are. I’ve been noticing my favorite yellow bowl for months now. This story has been floating around in my head. What makes me a writer is today I sat down and shared that story with you.

Look at your bowl of cereal or your mug of coffee. What do you see? Nourishment. Joy. Tiny miracles…

My favorite coffee mug


Sick Day

Today my post is about that moment when you feel it…

The scratch in your throat.
It tickles.
It hurts.
I cough.
Where did it come from?

The warm air
creates chaos.
Trees and birds are confused.
Nothing feels right.

December 15th.
It’s SIXTY degrees outside.

Wishing I could be cheery and write about so many other things, but I’m congested. I’m coughing and have no voice. I’m tired and I have no time to be sick…yet, here I am. Sick day. Hope you guys have a good day! Please make GOOD choices! EARN lots of PAT time today!


Every Tuesday I post a slice of life. Here is my slice for today…
slice of life

Traveling changes my perspective. 

I get a chance to slow down and look at things from another angle. My cousin got married this weekend and I drove up to Massachusetts to be there.

I could have flown, but there’s something about that long drive that brings me peace. I know the route like the back of my hand, so I can relax into the drive. 

It’s been fifteen years that I’ve been taking this route home and I feel like I  notice different things each time. This trip brought brilliant autumn leaves. I love the freedom of leaving before the world wakes up and watching the sun rise. 

Rest stops provide a moment to stop and look around.

Flying might save time, but it doesn’t bring me peace of mind. I figure things out on the road. Sometimes the music blares and a belt out a few tunes and other times I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. It’s time when I must be mindful and pay attention to the road…time when I think about life. 

Arriving at my destination feels like an accomplishment. I left one place and I arrived in another. Seeing the happy faces of my family and getting the hugs…it’s why I travel.
IMG_4198 IMG_4199

No one seems to understand why I drive. I get looks of confusion and furrowed brows. Questions like, “How long does it take you?” and “Wouldn’t you rather fly?” greet me each and every trip. The answer is no. I wouldn’t rather fly. I get to drive! Is there traffic? Yup. Construction? Sure. Bad drivers? Certainly. Driving is about the time and the quiet and stopping and looking around in a world that’s so busy.