I Miss…

Doing some reminiscing.

I miss…

* Sunday dinners with my whole family
* snow and snow days
* shopping at the mall
* watching TV shows one at a time
* my mom making my lunch for me and putting a sweet note inside
* playing outside until the street lights come on
* riding around in the back of Uncle David’s car and sliding around (it was a Subaru Brat)
* Christmas Caroling with my friends every December
* getting ice cream from the Ding Dong Cart
* walking home from school with my friends, hanging out at the corner of Roosevelt and Plumtree and talking forever
* long lunches with friends at BC at the Eagle’s Nest…sometimes lunch would last until dinner
* my bedroom on Plumtree Road, where I’d listen to records and tapes and write in my notebooks
* Johnson’s Bookstore where I loved to buy notebooks and pens
* A Likely Story-the coolest children’s bookstore ever! * swimming at the Paddle Club
* visits to Vermont to see family
* family beach trips to Kennebunkport, ME and Myrtle Beach, SC


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