October 14 2014

A Year of Gratitude

slice of life

On October 18th, I will be celebrating a year of gratitude! A year ago, I began a new practice of gratitude. It was inspired by another blog post written by a friend of mine. 

Each morning begins with an email listing things for which I’m grateful. I send the email to a small group of friends. I send a separate email to a few family members. This practice has changed me. Throughout my day, I find myself thinking…oh, I should include that in my email tomorrow. Others like to end their day with the email. I like to begin my day with it…I feel like it steers me in the right direction. 

This simple email can be a hard thing to send…you know, on those days when you just don’t care…or those days where everything seems to be terrible?!?! So many days, I just wanted to give up on gratitude and say forget it. From my experience, sending the email on those days is when it matters the most! It can change perspective. 

I now send the email every week day. Some days everyone responds, some days only one or two people respond. There was a time when this frustrated me…until I realized that it’s not about replies! It’s about MY gratitude and my grateful attitude and sharing it with those I love. 

October 18th will be a year…A YEAR of GRATITUDE! I’m so grateful for that. It makes me smile to know that we’ve reached that milestone!! I’m proud of all of us who have participated. 

Let me highly recommend gratitude as a daily practice. Pick some of your favorite people in the world. Explain what you want to do and start. It will change your life! 

Here are some of my FAVORITE things that have shown up on the gratitude email…

coffee is a big favorite for many of us
green lights all the way to work
vacuum cleaners
accidental extra sleep
book release day
the sound of my daughter blowing her nose

And the list goes on! Today I’m grateful for…

*an amazing job
*kind students
*rested from a three day weekend
*Bella snuggles
*starting a new book
*this amazing blogging community

Thank you!