Poem #2 97 Years

Today my grandfather turns 97 years old. In honor of his birthday, I wrote this poem…



my grandfather


turns ninety-seven

Happy Birthday Papa!


Ninety-seven years-

Born in 




hard working,


a family man.


Husband to Josie-


Father of



Mary Ann

Mary Jo…

Mary, Michael, Mary Ann, Mary Jo


Papa to-






Great grandfather

Pop Pop to-






Music lover

Turnpike builder


Life long fan…

Red Sox



Big East sports





Once bought

gas on a road trip at

El Cheapo

(the nickname stuck)-

Forgot to bring his

teeth on a

trip to the


Macaroni and meatballs,

every Sunday, every holiday!

Elks Club member-

Feeling ill, West Nile?!

Misses Grammy everyday-



filled with





Happy Birthday, Papa!

We love you!

15 thoughts on “Poem #2 97 Years

  1. Happy Birthday! Will you get to celebrate with him? What a special poem! You should print out and frame it as a gift !

  2. Thanks Amy! No, he’s in Massachusetts and I live in Virginia. I’m hoping my mom or aunts read it to him today.

  3. I was so tired this morning and i didn’t want to go to school but now that i am at school i feel okay to be back at school. Can’t wait to see what seat i am in in english!!!!!!!

    P.S. thank you ms. ahaseltine for being my english teacher your a great one!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. What you need for life
    An eraser to erase your mistakes,
    A pencil to start anew,
    A marble to keep to show to people who say you have lost your marbles,
    A dime so you are never broke.
    I hope you like it Ms. Haseltine! This is not my poem but my BFF in Ohio sent it to me along with an eraser, a pencil📝, a marble, and a dime💰 I think she made it up but I am not sure. I will show you the bag tomorrow! Isn’t it cool?

  5. My great grandma died on march 27 2013 so last Wednesday so i am going to write a poem about her:

    pretty woman
    loves Christ
    loves everyone
    makes friends everywhere

    “Come talk with me”
    she would say
    I love you
    loves to tell others about Christ

    The loving heart filling Louise Stewart Smith is now in heaven

  6. Rebekah, This is a beautiful and heartfelt poem. I love it. Thank you for sharing. I’m so sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman.

  7. Aww that’s such sweet poem. In my family my mom’s mom & my dad’s mom share the same birthday. New Years!!!!

  8. I love your poem Ms. Haseltine!! Sadly, my grandpa passed away when I was 3-4 years old. 🙁 Even though I was very young then, I can still remember some of the great times we had together and I still miss him.

    Paravi, I like your poem too! If I remember right, one of my BFFs (I wrote about her a few days ago) was asked to bring in all that stuff and more on the first day of school one year! Here’s most of what she was asked to bring (some of it’s the same as yours):

    an eraser to remind us to fix our mistakes,
    a pencil to remind us to always have a sharp mind,
    a rubber band to remind us to always stretch our brains,
    a paper bag with all this in it, because inside, we are all the same

    There was also some sort of money and something to do with reading, but I don’t remember the reasons why.

  9. Your papa sounds like my grandpa honest, hardworking, and is a storyteller,except for one thing he likes the Yankees, enough said. now maybe you could tell me why you would pick the nickname “el cheapo”.

  10. I grandfather sounds very sweet. It was very nice of you to have written the poem about him. I hope he read it.

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