June 28 2012

Day Four…final day of reflection

Tomorrow the conference is over. Sitting in the middle of it, I am overwhelmed, out of money, and still so excited! The opportunity to meet these authors and speak with them makes me realize how lucky I am! (I know, it sounds trite, but I feel very lucky.) I’m sure you’ve guessed that the lack of money is because of the books. I’ve had the authors autograph them to my class. They’ve been so generous to add personalizations to the autograph. Today I was thinking of how I’m going to display these books or share these books. A fellow sixth grade teacher and I were talking about starting the year with the picture book Big Plans. I’d like to share what I’ve learned with my students. I’d like to read them all of these wonderful books.

This assignment asks me to reflect on the day and how will I convert the things I’m learning into something I can use in my sixth grade classroom. I’m grateful for the “forced” reflection (as I would wait to do it and then probably forget). Although tonight I feel my head spinning. I’ve had no time to read the books or check out the websites. That’s my plan. Next week, I’ll wake up and grab my coffee and begin to read and plan and read and sit and read and think and read.

Before I go I’d like to say that I have met many authors that are new to me. Today’s authors (I’m sure) will become two of my favorites. Marc Tyler Nobleman inspired me with his dedication and passion. His attention to detail and his desire to right the wrongs of the world (at least the world of Superman and Batman) are honorable and inspiring. I didn’t know there were people out there like him. Boys of Steel, a story about the creators of Superman will grab my boys! He gives me a great entry into interesting non-fiction. The story about Oregon, Thirty Minutes over Oregon in World War II has to be published. I am amazed that the story exists and we don’t know about it. That’s what I mean, his passion is contagious.

And as if that’s not enough passion, then Phil Bildner came into our lives. The only thing I could think when he began speaking is the saying, “he makes coffee nervous” with his non-stop movement and lightning speed speech patterns. What he said brought me much laughter and even some tears. Again, his books require research. I purchased two non-fiction picture books: The Hallelujah Flight and The Unforgettable Season: Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and the Record-Setting Summer of 1941. I can’t wait to share these books with my students. It’s the how…I’m still figuring it out, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

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3 thoughts on “Day Four…final day of reflection

  1. Marc Tyler Nobleman

    I’m humbled by your kind words, Michelle! I loved the conference and think the other authors did, too.

  2. Linda Winokur

    Thank you for sharing your open reflections here. I wish we would have shared more with each other . I am excited to see that you are in K. Messners’s Teachers Write as well. I must admit that like you, I not only spent way more $$ than I had planned or expected, it is easy to get a sort of “groupie mentality” with children’s books author and illustrators.

  3. Daniel

    That last Skeleton Creek video we watched today was so creepy. I think I might have some nightmares tonight! Surprisingly, I can’t wait t start the second book and eventually finish the whole series.

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