Skype Buddies

Fifth block was the first to skype! We chatted with Mr. Hodgson’s class from Massachusetts. We discovered that we’d completed similar projects about our plans for the future, our dreams. Mr. Hodgson and I set up the Skype and we weren’t sure what to expect. I had some technical difficulties (but Miss Banks will help me figure that out for our next Skype) and we couldn’t see them, we could only hear them. Happily, they sent a couple of pictures:




Skype2 (1)

They could see us, so we continued on with the discussion. A few students from both classes shared their projects. I was impressed with dreams of helping animals and becoming olympic athletes! We shared dreams of being singers, performers, athletes, teachers and successful students and again, impressed! Next the students asked each other questions like:

“What does it look like there?”  “Does it get hot in Massachusetts?” “Does it get cold in Virginia?” We compared our schools: our school has many more students! My favorite question was from Megan. Mr. Hodgson liked it too. 


Mr. Hodgson’s sixth graders had some terrific answers about being the character and jumping into the story. I think we all learned a lot and I can’t wait to do it again. 


Skyping with Adriana Trigiani

Friday was the day. The long awaited Skype. I am constantly amazed, inspired, and impressed with the time that authors spend with their young adult readers. Adriana Trigiani spent an hour talking with us.

She talked to us about writing and reading. She talked to us about being girls and growing up. She talked to us about her writing secrets and inspired us to become writers ourselves. Her honesty and humor made us all feel like old friends. I’m so grateful for authors like Adriana Trigiani!


I’m so proud of my students who stayed after school on a Friday to talk about reading and writing and books. They asked insightful questions and they listened carefully. Some took notes and some took pictures. I’m proud to call myself your teacher. What an afternoon! It’s one I’ll remember always!



Here are my notes from the Skype: 





I thanked Adriana Trigiani on Facebook and this morning she responded: 


I’m feeling better!

I hope everyone had a good day. My voice is back. I slept most of today, so I guess I needed to stay home. Book talks tomorrow! Also, we will talk about what kinds of questions we want to ask Adriana Trigiani when we Skype with her. Here’s a link to her website.

Adriana Trigiani   This page tells a little about her. Start thinking about what you’d like to ask her. You can ask her about her books or being a writer or writing…what else?

51 minutes

The day finally arrived…we get to Skype with Patti Digh today. We tested the computer. Everything was all set. We called. She answered. I heard the class gasp. Yes, we were really about to Skype! We talked about our own writing and answered some of Patti’s questions. She answered all of our questions. The opportunity to talk with a published writer made us all feel special. It was definitely a moment I’ll never forget as a teacher. I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Waiting to call

We have rearranged the class and prepared the computer…now we are just waiting to call.

It's Patti!

It’s Patti!

Pick me! Pick me!

Pick me! Pick me! Everyone had questions for Patti!





Today we will spend some time talking about what we learned from our Skype chat. We will share how it touched each one of us.