Happy National Day on Writing

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I’ve been writing since I was nine years old. I started writing because I am a rule follower. Writing was assigned in school. I wrote what the teacher wanted to read. At nine, my mom bought me my first notebook. This is where the fun began. Now, my audience was me. I didn’t have to answer someone else’s question or prompt. Still, my writing followed a traditional diary format. Each day I wrote about my day and not much more. I wrote poetry too. As I grew, I wrote about my dreams.

College was when my writing helped me figure out problems. I’d write when I was lonely. I’d write when I was confused. Writing always helped me feel better. I remained my only audience. No one else got to see those words.

As an adult, I took more risks with my writing. I tried more poetry and a little bit of fiction. Writing became a friend…ever by my side. I brought my writing, my notebook, with me wherever I went. I never felt alone again. Writing always had my back.

The Northern Virginia Writing Project changed me as a writer. This group gave me an audience…encouragement…and courage to share my story. The NVWP showed me that I had a story to tell and nudged me to write. For the last ten years, I’ve continued to write but now I write for more than just me. I blog. I write for my students. I share my writing.

Why do I write? I must. I have a story to tell. Writing forces me to reflect, which in turn helps me grow as a teacher and as a person. Writing helps me untangle life. Writing gives me time to observe things happening around me through my words. Writing allows me to express myself.

Three years ago during a Twitter chat, I read a tweet by Penny Kittle that sparked the creation of my personal blog…

This is why I write. Please take a moment and celebrate the National Day on Writing, October 20th! #WhyIWrite

Why do you write? 

Why I Write

Let’s celebrate the National Day on Writing.

I Write

Why do I Write? Today is the National Day on Writing sponsored by NCTE. I’ve been thinking about this question for awhile. There are so many reasons that I write…

I write to untangle my insides.
I write to communicate my feelings.
I write to think, to figure things out.
I write to calm myself down.
I write to learn.
I write to explore new worlds.
I write to express myself.
I write to share who I am.
I write for my students.
I write for my family.
I write for my friends.
I write for myself.
I write for my readers.
I write because I don’t know how not to write.
When I don’t write, I lose myself.
Writing brings me back to me.
Writing quiets the crazy chaos of the world.
When I write, everything makes sense.

Why do you write?

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The Choka Challenge!

We have been challenged by Mrs. Simon’s class to write a poem for National Day on Writing. Here’s the challenge: 
Write a choka.
What is a choka?
A double haiku of 5,7,5,5,7,5 syllables or 5,7,7,5,7,7 syllable count.
My dog Bella had her first session with an amazing trainer this weekend and that’s how I thought of this poem…


No. No. Shhh! No bark…
the trainer tells me to say
But don’t say her name.
Bella. Oh, Bella.
Oh what a good girl you are.
At last, she listens.