Reading & Math


Who knew to improve as a reader that you need to do math?!?! Today we will calculate our reading rate. This will help us figure out how much reading we complete every ten minutes! Once we know how much we can read in a certain amount of time, we will be able to make reading plans and goals for the year! 

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”  Yogi Berra

What amazing book are you reading right now?!?! What’s the best book you’ve read recently?!?!Tell us about it!


I Need Help…

My TBR pile: that's a  pile of books To Be Read this summer.

My TBR pile: that’s a pile of books To Be Read this summer.

I’m getting lots of requests for book recommendations. Since school is almost over, we are busy making plans to read this summer. If you had to read five books this summer, which five books would you read?!?!


Leave suggestions, including titles and authors, in the comments!




Navigating Early Book Review

Another amazing book review. This one is written by Grace G. Thanks for sharing Grace!




After his mother passed away near the end of World War Two,  Jack Baker moved from his home in Kansas to a boarding school Maine. While he was there he met the strangest of boys named Early Auden. Early makes up stories with pi the unending number. Also collects clippings of sightings a certain black bear in the nearby mountains. Jack can’t help being drawn to be friends with Early. Early refuses to believe that everybody accepts to be the truth about timber rattle snakes, the Appalachian bear, and the legendary school hero known as the fish, lost in war. When Jack and Early find themselves alone at school they take a quest for the great black bear. While they’re there they meet some strange characters, some dangerous, all lost in some way or another. But somehow all connected to the story of pi Early continuous to reveal slowly. Jack’s ability to stay friends with Early while they discover new things about themselves. I loved this book and I hope you will love this book too.

A Whole Nother Story

Recommendation by Chelsea

I finished this really funny book called A Whole Nother Story.

A Whole Nother Story

It’s about this family, the Cheeseman’s, and they are a family on the run.  Every few chapters, there is a piece of advice which is the funny part in the story. They always go along with what is happening in the story.  Anyway, the story is about the Cheeseman’s on the run from government superspies, corporate villains, and a monkey. They have to move from town to town and have to change their names each time.  The superspies, villains, and the monkey are chasing this family because the brilliant mind of Ethan Cheeseman and his late wife, invented this LVR which is a time machine.  One of my favorite line from the story is:

“don’t be afraid, be amazing.”

I think this book is to laugh for! Get it. Instead of to die for, to laugh for.  You’ll get when you read  

A Whole Nother Story 

By Dr. Cuthbert Soup

recommendation by Chelsea


The Running Dream



Yesterday during eighth block, I couldn’t decide what book to read next. I had just finished Hattie Big Sky and loved it. This new book had to grab my attention right away to keep me reading.

The Running Dream did that and more.

The first lines grip the reader and drag them into a tragedy as it’s unfolding. The character of Jessica loses her leg and she’s a runner. I couldn’t stop reading. I had to find out if Jessica would ever run again. Loved this book! Thank you to my sixth graders last year for recommending it to me. I’m so happy that I finally read it! I’m off to find my next book…

Book Raffles

I love when getting to read a book is an exciting prize. Over the last couple of days, I’ve book talked four amazing books! Everyone was so excited about these books, you could feel the energy in the room. Here are the books I shared: 



Hero by Mike Lupica

Rump by Liesl Shurtliff

Jack Templar, Monster Hunter by Jeff Gunhus

One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt


Students are clamoring to read these books. I love that! My solution is to have a book raffle. Names will be drawn tomorrow. Let the reading commence! 

WE are blogging, let’s talk about books!

I’m so excited. Today was a wonderful day filled with students commenting on blog posts. I love some of the creative pseudonyms. What’s the best part of blogging for you, so far? Let’s talk about what we’re reading…anyone reading a great book? Please share good books to read!

To any former students: are you out there? Please comment and leave some words of wisdom for my sixth graders this year!


Homework (due Wednesday):

Please remember to complete designing the cover and title page to your writing notebook. 


How many books did I read last year? sign needs to be completed.