Blogging Buddies

We have blogging buddies visiting us today from Iowa! Mr. Boylen’s students are going to be stopping by and reading and commenting on our blogs. I have never been to Iowa. I wonder what it’s like to live there? What is the best thing about Iowa? How is life different there than it is in Virginia? I can’t wait to virtually meet some of the seventh graders. Welcome Seventh Graders!! We hope you enjoy our blogs! If you would like to stop by and comment on their blogs, here’s the link: Mr. Boylen’s Seventh Grade Blogs

Best Blogs of the Week

It has been my pleasure to read and approve all of these blog posts and comments! You are writing interesting and thoughtful blogs. I am so impressed! Please keep writing. Here are a few blogs and blog posts to check out if you haven’t! I am SO proud!! Keep it up, my talented writers!

Celebrating Blogs, Recess, and Books!

I am celebrating my students today!


We launched our blogs this week. I nudged and pushed and stretched them this week. We became problem solvers. We became published writers. We worked hard and worked together and created our own place in the blogosphere. I celebrate their perseverance and their strong writing voice.

This week we took a little time to relax. Recess!! I think this picture says it all!


New books. A favorite author of mine, Adriana Trigiani, published a new book. It is based on the true story of the Hollywood star Loretta Young. Her words are like a symphony on paper.  It’s one of those books I can’t put down. 

Finally, I celebrate this beautiful autumn morning. There’s something about how the sun shines in the fall. It seems more golden. The leaves and the cool, crisp air make for a perfect day! Enjoy!

Zip Odes

I discovered a cool new kind of poetry called Zip Odes. This form uses a zip code. Each line has that many words. The poem is usually about that place. If a zip code has a zero…no words for that line. Here’s my zip code from my hometown Springfield, MA….01118 and my Zip Ode:


I grew up and learned who I was!



I learned about Zip Odes from my friend, Mrs. Smith on her blog. What will your zip ode say?!?!

Celebrating Student Blogs


I am grateful for my students.

I am grateful for their great big hearts!

I am grateful for their empathy!

I am grateful for their kindness!


I am grateful for their joy & humor!



I am grateful for their reflection!

I get to spend my days with these students. Guiding them. Watching them. Nudging them…and then getting out of their way as they take on the world!

I am grateful for my students! Today I celebrate each one of them!



Home Sick Today

Good Morning!

I am home sick today. My head ache still hurts so much, so I decided to stay home and rest. You guys will watch a TED talk, take some notes, and write a blog post about it. 

I’ve been read your blog posts and I’m so impressed! You will take some time reading and commenting on other blogs today. Write thoughtful comments that connect to the post! I’ll try and approve posts and comments during the day. 

Finally, silent reading time! YAY!!! You’ll read quietly. After silent reading, if there’s time, make a T chart in your notebook and identify external and internal conflicts in the book you’re reading. We will share and talk about them next week. 

I’d love to hear how your day goes. Feel free to leave a comment here! Have a great weekend!


YAY for Excellent Comments!

I am so proud of each and every student! The time spent reading and commenting on blogs made quite a difference. Read what the teachers said…


Screenshot 2014-10-07 at 7.02.47 PM