From Grumpy to Grateful

Do you ever have a day when you are grumpy and you can’t put your finger on a specific reason? Yesterday started out like that for me. I felt annoyed at things that normally don’t bother me and I couldn’t seem to shake it. Days like that frustrate me. What do I do? Fight it, sink into it, accept it, ignore it? I tried to control the grumpies the best I could and go on with the business of the day.

Yesterday was a day when classes were working on projects. I was moving from group to group, offering guidance and support, but the students were doing the work. My students in communications are busily filming and editing commercials. The sixth graders are beginning their picture book group projects.


As I walked around the room and listened in on conversations, I felt lighter. The picture books must include researched information from the students’ own culture and because they are working in groups, they are figuring out how to incorporate diverse cultures into one story. The conversations are powerful and inspiring and passionate and amazing. I’m watching these students learn more about their culture and the culture of others. I’m watching them create a picture book. They want to make this good. I felt the grumpies going away.


Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and another sixth grade English teacher was there. She announced that her students had performed a random act of kindness for us.

The entire class walked into our room and each of them made bookmarks, personalized bookmarks, for each of us.

And that did it, the grumpies were defeated! From grumpy to grateful…that was my Friday!

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