You Can Blog About It!

Today in class something funny happened. Students had been working in groups and creating planning sheets for a new project. The work time was winding down and I was struggling to get the class to clean up and transition into independent reading.

After a few minutes of organizing, the students were settling down and I began summarizing what we just completed and where we will take the project tomorrow. That’s when it happened. I started to hear giggles. One student. Then another. Finally, all of them were laughing. I had no idea what they were laughing about until one student pointed out the pile of papers I was holding in my left hand.

She said, “Look, Ms. Haseltine.” One student had sketched on the back of her sheet and I was holding the sketch next to the face. When I saw it, I had to laugh too. Someone yelled out, “It kind of looks like you!” I had to agree.



The BEST part is what I heard next…”There’s your blog post for tomorrow.” They are paying attention to these moments and noticing them. They are looking for those slices during the day and writing about them. We are writers!

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