A Whole Nother Story

Recommendation by Chelsea

I finished this really funny book called A Whole Nother Story.

A Whole Nother Story

It’s about this family, the Cheeseman’s, and they are a family on the run.  Every few chapters, there is a piece of advice which is the funny part in the story. They always go along with what is happening in the story.  Anyway, the story is about the Cheeseman’s on the run from government superspies, corporate villains, and a monkey. They have to move from town to town and have to change their names each time.  The superspies, villains, and the monkey are chasing this family because the brilliant mind of Ethan Cheeseman and his late wife, invented this LVR which is a time machine.  One of my favorite line from the story is:

“don’t be afraid, be amazing.”

I think this book is to laugh for! Get it. Instead of to die for, to laugh for.  You’ll get when you read  

A Whole Nother Story 

By Dr. Cuthbert Soup

recommendation by Chelsea


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