Snow day and I’m published!!

Our first snow day is today! It’s so exciting hearing the newscaster say, “Loudoun County schools are closed today”. It’s the gift of time…a whole day that is now unexpectedly free!

In addition to that good news, today my blog post for the Nerdy Book Club has been published. Seeing my name as the author really makes me happy. I hope that you wander over there and read my blog post…maybe you’ll even leave a comment. It reminds me how important audience is to all writers.

Here’s the link to my post…hope to see you there!

One thought on “Snow day and I’m published!!

  1. I too have taken a snow day – freezing rain and a headache not a good mix!
    Loved your post at Nerdy Book Club. Beautiful story about your dad. I too can relate to all those reading related things that make us up.

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